Wirkliche, vorbildhafte Tierliebe. Wunderbar!

Die Geschichte in Englisch:


Blind dog rescued


The oldest kid (girl in black) found this female dog being attacked by a pack of 8–10 dogs. With the help of her Uncle, she managed to shoo away the pack of dogs. They realised something was wrong with the dog. She immediately remembered me (a year ago, we had rescued a dog with a severe maggoted wound from their area) and asked her Uncle to call me but they could not find my number.


Finally they got through me. I managed to catch her and after checking her, I realised she has lost her vision and was emaciated. Was so glad these guys found her or else she would have gone through the worse. The kids were hesitant to touch her but I helped them befriend her. They named her ‘Daisy’. Daisy is now with People for Animals. It seems she has lost complete vision in her right eye and left eye has very low vision. Thanks to Lorenzo/PFA for sheltering Daisy!