• Earthlings is an impressive documentation about the intensive mass animal farming with the well-known american actor Joaquin Phoenix as speaker.
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  • Mesothelioma is a condition resulting from years of exposure to asbestos. Luckily, the website offers valuable information that helps people find out more about this cancer while also offering a probable course of action and the likelihood of recovery from this disease.
  • The Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine is a nonprofit medical organization for preventive medicine, clinical research, and higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.
  • ADA (American Dietetic Association) position paper on the health advantages of vegetarian and vegan diets, 2009:
  • Excellent video about the advantages and the positive consequences of vegan diet for a better world.
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  • A recent study published on October 21, 2009 by the renowned World Watch institute, authors Goodland and Anhang concluded that over 51% of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions come from Livestock. So the consumption of meat, milk, dairy products and eggs are by far the main reason for climate change.
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  • Report of Dr. Christiane M. Haupt, a veterinarian, about her experience within the meat industry.
  • Videos about health, healthy diet, environmental protection, animal and human rights